The written works of a Struggling Author.

Years and years go by and did anyone ever notice the suffering of a young writer who never tired of his work? He never got tired of writing because it was his escape. This young Writer has not the courage to submit his works but rather he types them up for a blog that never receives a view. No one in the world pays attention to his works. No one reads his posts and he feels lonely. Does anyone see the tears he sheds? I dare to ask how one would be able to live on knowing they’re story will never be told and their reality will never be known before he passes on to the next life. He has planned an outrageous schedule for blogging and school work but school has taken up his time he no longer can manage to get anything done. His confidence is gone and his self-esteem is a puddle of shit on the bathroom floor. Yet here he is in his own kitchen about to unleash the first of many videos. He plans to make the best of his work. He wrote out a very well thought out script for his victims to read as he slowly tortures them. They could never imagine that he would snap like this. Oh no they could never have imagined that he would rise to fame by slaughtering the people who ignore his existence. He will execute them like swine at a barbeque.

Ah his first victim is a young maiden. A virtuous woman who could never imagine a child could run away and hide but this young woman doesn’t know what horror awaits her. No not a little hint is being given. Why? Because this young man is not one to give away his surprises too easily. Yes she is perfect. This blonde haired, green eyed, innocent beauty who has rejected him so many times until now is good for the picking. Indeed he has been planning this moment for over a month now. You see he has to be very careful with his plan and hos method of killing must be slow and beautiful. Her screams will fill the room as the camera rolls and he will cut her to pieces before allowing her the sweet release of death. She’s never going to see it coming!

He walks beside her as they stroll down the street and walk to his car. She is wearing a slightly revealing shirt that slightly hangs off of her shoulders. It is a plain shirt with little to no interesting shade. She has styled her hair in a light and soft curl. Her voice a high pitched song in his ears. But she only likes him now because he looks handsome. Years of surgery and practice with theatrical makeup have done him some good it seems,but he isn’t interested in just looking good. Not one bit. Rather he is interested in making sure she looks good. She has to look perfect in the eyes of the people who behold her graduation from a beautiful slut to a shredded piece of meat. And this is how she is going to make him famous!

The Beginning Unseen:Chapter One Part One

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hello again. I’m writing from New York City again. Honestly the most amazing thing just happened to me. I can’t believe it happened to me! You know that job I’ve been trying to get? The one where i am an Intern at “Global Magazine”? Well that didn’t happen sadly but something even better happened. The CEO of another magazine corporation was present during the meeting and he was so freaking amazing! I read my article out loud to the CEO of “Global Magazine” and this guy just happened to be there. Well basically what happened was pretty much like a dream. Mr.Rush the CEO of “Global Magazine” was listening to me read my article and every five seconds he would yell at me for making a mistake like reading too fast or too slow, not pausing after each setence, not being loud enough and being too cooperative. I mean he didn’t do anything wrong but he still got to me. I remember that i was on the verge of tears before the CEO of the other company spoke up for me. He basically said that Mr.Rush was coming off too bossy and being a jerk to me. He looked at me and asked me to read at my own pace. This is my article not his. And I couldn’t help but blush when he spoke to me. Be was so nice to me. And because the other CEO spoke up for me i wasn’t allowed to continue the interview. Apparently after i left the office the two CEOs were arguing over me and now the other CEO called Mr.Mo is going to be my new boss. And instead of writing articles, I’ll be his secretary and vice Editor. Which means I’ll be over seeing the process of making a magazine!! I’m beyond excited about this! I gotta go now. Work is starting. Hope you get this letter before you go on your trip to Venice Beach. Love you guys!
With love,
Your daughter,

Chapter one
I walk into Mr. Mo’s office and see that he is reading something. I avoid interupting him by simply waiting by the door. He glances up at me and gives me a mean glare. “You’re early Miss Mables.” He says coldly “Are you trying to impress me or piss me off?” I stiffen. “Pardon Sir?” I say confused by his sudden attitude of being a jerk. He puts the papers in his hands down and gets up from his desk. “I like people who are punctual. Weren’t you told that?” He asks aggressively as he approaches me with balled up fists. “You are early. I don’t like early birds. I like those who arrive exactly at the moment they’re supposed to. You arrived fifteen minutes too early.” I step back.. “I-I didn’t know that. My watch clearly says that I’m late. I thought you were going to be mad because I am late.” I wimper he grabs my wrist with my watch on it and lifts it up to his face to read it. He is clearly invading my personal space. He looks at my watch for a moment and sighs. “Your watch is broken. Since you’re here,it’s too late to change the mistake,so come with me Miss Mables.” He says as he drops my wrist and walks out the door. I tilt my head in confusion,but I follow Mr.Mo anyway. Where does he want to take me? I follow him down the street. We occasionally looks behind him to make sure I’m still following.

Why does he need to check? Can’t he hear my new Heels clicking on the sidewalk? These are purchased specifically for today. And I brought a pair of flats in case my feet start to get sore. He stops outside of a coffee shop and gestures for me to enter. He follows behind as i walk in. I’m still not a hundred percent sure of what he is trying to do. He stops me by grabbing my shoulders. “Slow down Miss Mables.” He says “You don’t need to go much further. Please take a seat over there at that table alright? What would you like to drink? Have you eaten yet?” He’s being nice again? I look at him suspiciously. He sighs “I’m conducting a first day interview with you and we will need beverages and snacks. I figured it would be ok to get us some.” He explains. I giggle ” Well I was just giving you a hard time.” I laugh. “Of course I would like some milk tea and a muffin or something light.” He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “You were messing with me? That’s what people call messing around?” He growls angrily “You people are very strange.” He walks away.

I pull out my phone and read a few text messages. I wish this thing wasn’t so lame. I mean most cellphones at least tell you what time it is. This one doesn’t and its one of those cheapie ones you get when you are as tragically poor as i am. And that’s not the icing on the cake. This little cheapie only accesses Wi-Fi through coffee shops. I mean lucky for me because I now know where a coffee shop is and i can just create an account to access the Wi-Fi. I look up from my phone to see my new boss looking at my phone like its the worlds worst trash. I blush a little at the idea that he might not be looking at the phone but me instead. I mean it is possible right? He places my milk-tea and a parfait in front of me with a muffin,then hands me a water,and a whole sugar container. This guy went all out didn’t he. I look at him with a raised eyebrow. “I take it that you like sugar?” I ask as he is sitting down. “Not really just wanted to make sure that you have enough. Can’t be too careful.” He says casually as he pulls out a notepad from inside his blazer pocket. “Now Miss Mables let’s begin the interview. I’ll be asking you a series of questions about you and your work ethics. Do you think you will be able to pass this interview with flying colors?” I take a sip of my Milk tea and notice the lack of sugar. I grimace at that and look up at Mr.Mo. “Yes,sir. I believe i will do just fine in the interview. So long as we keep the personal stuff on the downlow.” I reply pretending to be cooth.

He looks at me with a funny expression. “You’re serious?” He asks “You’re not into personal chats?” I shake my head and add some sugar to my Milk tea. I taste it again to see if its sweet enough. Not sweet enough so i add another tea spoon of sugar and mix it well. I then pick up the tea again and sip for taste. Yep that’s definitely sweet enough. I smile at the accomplishment. He looks at me with a serious expression. “I knew that sugar would come in handy.” He comments “They usually have the customers put the sugar in themselves because they are terrible at getting the right amount.” I laugh at what he says. ” Seriously? At least they are courteous enough to supply the sugar.” I respond. So this is how he is with his employees or am i the only employee that he is questioning in this coffee shop. He looks at me as i take a bite of the parfait. “Do you like it?”, Asks Mr.Mo. I look up at him from my parfait and nod. “Yeah it’s awesome!” I say with a big smile. He smirks a little.”That’s good news.” He says Cooley as he writes on his notepad. He is taking notes on me? That’s gonna bother me. I take a bite out of the muffin he gave me and find that it is my favorite kind. The Cranberry Orange muffin is the best of the muffin menu. If i could rate this right now, I would give it a solid ten. No joke. This is freaking delicious!

(Thank you so much for reading my newest piece. I know that you will probably be asking for more of this and I’ll be posting part two next Sunday.)

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Hello readers,

Welcome to my blog. I’m your host Keith Harrison Ames. You can call me Keith! Now i have been working my ass off on this blog to make it work. Why? Because i love to write! Why else?😁 I have a twitter account that i would like you to check out and see for yourself when i will be making new posts on my blog and podcast.

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This is my most recent Podcast post.

Please keep in mind that i am new at this kind of thing and i will do my best to improve. Please let me know what you want to listen to music wise in my podcasts. Requests are now being accepted via this blog on the contact page. If you don’t have an Anchor account please make one they are free and you automatically get to start your own podcast for free.

My podcasts are available on most of the podcast sites like Spotify, Anchor, Breaker and google music. I’m working on spreading the word as much as possible so i would appreciate it if you could please help me out by sharing this post with your friends, co-workers, Family and/or followers.

Thank you so much for reading my posts and giving me a reason to keep living. Y’all have a great day!

Animal abuse and I can’t do shit about it…

A dog passed away this morning after giving birth to six puppies. This first time momma took care of her puppies like a champ but was left outside in the freezing cold weather and barely fed by her owners. She was treated like shit and finally can rest in peace and quiet knowing she will be in a better life than this one. Hopefully. There are three puppies left and they’re safe for now. Hopefully this will spread awareness and get people to understand that starving their dogs and leaving them outside to freeze to death is the worst kind of abuse you can do to a helpless animal.

Ive started my own Podcast!!!

Yes Queens and Kings of the LGBTQ community!! You read correctly this Transgender gay Man has started a LGBTQ run Podcast check out the link below babes Because this is lit!

Download the app! And yes this Podcast is available on spotify and other platforms for the sole purpose of getting in touch with you! Yes i am looking for co-hosting with my fellow LGBT community in the U.S of A. Hello how are ya?

Now recently ive been coming out of the closet as a gay Trans gender man and I am completely shook by how open people have been about this. That is not to include my own family. There is only a few who have accepted me for who i am and they’re actually not 100% related to me but nonetheless are family. The podcast covers everything that involves the LGBTQ community from famous people to me( a nobody) and also others who have been through the struggle of being a member of the LGBTQ community.

Now I’ve spoken about everything i need to cover for more information please check out my podcast i will be including my phone number in my next episode so you can call me if you feel like you want to. I’m highly approachable and still have my feminine high pitch voice and naturally you will hear that in my voice until i start taking Testosterone which i hope to be very soon.

Why do writers love to Write?

Hello again my fellow bloggers and writers. This is my second blog and this poses a life long question. Why do we love to write? What causes this joy we feel when we finish a work in progress and see it Publishes on the web?

Writing has been around since before Egyptian faroahs had crowns of gold. There were always stories being told. Always people who wrote those stories. We can only imagine how they felt finally able to put their ideas to paper or papyrus. We can only feel what we feel in our hearts as we write out everything we imagine creating the books and movies of today. Can we imagine what causes our own joy as we see our creations come to life?

In a way we are indeed gods of the worlds we create as we put our characters through hell and back to meet our goal. Is that what a real god feels like? I’m not sure but when I write out everything on paper,it feels like i have total control of what happens and what i want to happen will happen no matter what anyone else says. We have the power in our created world with just the stroke of a pen we can create a masterpiece.

This is what we do because we have the heart for it.

So much to do….

I created this blog with the intention of showing myself. Lol also for the purpose of sharing my work. I am a writer so naturally i have a thing for sharing my work. I prefer to share bits and pieces of my work while actually publishing somewhat short storied here. I figured i could also throw in some hand written letters and solve some criminal cases publicly using my pendulum and a hand made pendulum board.

Things i will do are as follows ;

  • Write about my books
  • Write about my magic and studies of magic
  • Use my pendulum to solve cases that are unsolved. (◠‿◕)
  • And I will post short stories and poetry
  • And also share podcast episodes!
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